How to measure your cervix’s height

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In this article we’ll talk about different aspects regarding the cervix’s height. You’ll learn how to measure it and therefore which menstrual cups and discs are better for you.
Here’s what you’ll find in this article:

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Why you need to know
your cervix’s height

When you choose a menstrual cup or disc, there are different aspects to consider: the length and the diameter of the cup, its volume, its shape and softness and also the height of your cervix.

Consider that, to be comfortable, a menstrual disc, and especially a menstrual cup, must be placed completely inside your vagina. That is why it’s important to choose the right size, and to do that, you need to measure your cervix.

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Cervix: what?

Ok, but what exactly is the cervix? And where is it?
Let’s start from the beginning.

The cervix is the lowest part of the uterus. We can say it’s a small canal that connects vagina and uterus.
It’s made of fibromuscular tissue, and it can move during your period or when you’re aroused, in order to create space.

You can find the cervix in a lower position, close to the vaginal opening, or high up in your abdomen. You can usually find it sort of halfway, but keep in mind that it could be pointed toward the front or back part of your body, especially if your uterus is retroflexed.

Okay, biology lesson’s over: let’s practice!

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How to measure your cervix’s height

Before starting

Before doing anything, we suggest you wash your hands, because guess what? You won’t need special tools, your fingers will do all the work.

Also, remember that the position of your cervix shifts during your menstrual cycle. You’re measuring your cervix to find the right menstrual cup or disc for you, so we suggest you do it no more than a day before your period, or during menstruations.

Let’s put it to practice

Most methods to measure the height of your cervix involve using your fingers. Basically, the deeper your finger goes into your vagina, before you find the cervix, the higher it is. Otherwise, if you just need to put in a phalanx to touch your cervix, it means it’s low. The most common measurement only consists in checking how many finger bones can go in before you touch your cervix. This is for sure the easiest method, but just looking at your fingers isn’t accurate, because everyone’s hands are different, and this could alter the result.

So what can you do?

Insert a finger in your vagina, in the position you’re more comfortable in (standing or squatting) and try to feel your cervix: its texture is similar to your nose’s! Once you find it, try to remember where your finger stops. You can use your finger bones as a reference (do you feel the vagina’s opening on your first, second or third phalanx?).

Now, remove your finger and measure the part that was inside the vagina. You can use the information below to find out how high your cervix is!

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Cervix’s heights and the best menstrual
cups/discs for you

High cervix

55mm or more: if you find it hard to reach it, or you didn’t reach it at all, then you have a high cervix.

The menstrual cup or disc for you: you can use basically any disc or cup, and they wouldn’t be too long for you. You can choose the size you want, but if you want to remove it easily we suggest choosing a cup longer (with or without stem) than 55mm.

Here you find 2 cups and 1 disc available in a perfect size for a high cervix!

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Average cervix

45-55mm: if this was the measure you got, it’s possible that you found your cervix in between the upper and middle finger bones (again, not an accurate measure, but still helpful). This an average cervix.

The menstrual cup or disc for you: the perfect option for you is surely shorter that 55mm, with a total length (with or without stem) between 45 and 55 mm. It could even be shorter, but you may find it difficult to remove.

Here you find 3 menstrual cups available in a perfect size for an average cervix!

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Low cervix

44mm or less: if you can find your cervix just above your vaginal opening, then you have a low cervix.

The cup or disc for you: if your cervix is low, the range of possibilities is smaller, but we have different options for lower cervixes in our shop, such as the cups and discs from Lumma Cups.
Remember that any reusable menstrual product, if not correctly placed, could be uncomfortable.

Here you find 2 menstrual cups and 1 menstrual disc available in a perfect size for a lower cervix!

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General considerations for all cervixes

Keep in mind that the stem of every menstrual cup can be trimmed, so the important measure to consider is the body of the cup, without the stem.

We hope we helped you understand how to measure your cervix, a super important step before choosing the best cup or disc for you!