We are on a mission to help you have the best period of your life!

Meet Cate, Tesla and Annie
Meet Cate and Tesla
Who we are

Meet the founders

Hi! It’s us, Caterina and Nicolae: we are the co founders of this project. We mixed together our knowledge,shared experiences and passion to create Your Best Period.

We are passionate about feminism, lgbtq+ rights, being straightforward and tell it like it is.That’s why we have created a website where you can not only buy amazing and ethical period products, but being accepted and involved in the conversation.

What We Do

With Your Best Period we’ll offer you everything you need to have a better period while being eco-conscious and inclusive.

We’ll provide the best period products on the market: tampons, pads, reusable pads, menstrual cups, discs, underwear and more

We’re here to raise awareness and fight the stigma around the period topic. That’s why we involved in our project artists and illustrators who embrace this cause.

You’ll find amazing goodies to help you reduce stress, pain and mood swings. These wonderful products will keep you in a good mindset!


Our Values

Looking for sustainable period products and inclusive communication? We’ve got you covered!


We believe in fighting the stigma around the period topic and we think inclusivity toward trans* and non binary people must have a bigger space in the conversation.


We are aware of the fact that menstrual products have a big impact on the environment and that’s why we have decided to work keeping this in mind.

Are you ready to join this mission with us and most of all, are you ready to have the best period of your life?

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