Ask Them Giulia Tracogna
Ask Them – Giulia Tracogna: menstruations, inclusivity and taboos.

The first article is an interview with Giulia Tracogna, an LGBTQIA+ clinical psychologist, sex counselor, educator and intersectional transfeminist.

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Mutande Assorbenti Come Funziona Blog
Menstrual underwear: what is it and how does it work?

Menstrual underwear is a revolutionary and sustainable option for many people. In this article we’ll look into this product, telling you everything you need to know!

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Your Best Period How To Understand Cervix Height
How to measure your cervix’s height

In this article we’ll talk about different aspects regarding the height of the cervix. You’ll learn how to measure it and therefore which menstrual cups and discs are better for you.

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