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The benefits of our heated pillow are many: it relaxes your muscles, relieves menstrual cramps and back pain. You can use it both hot and cold, depending on your needs.

This heated pillow was created by Your Best Period (it’s us!) and Plantule, a Polish brand that creates different products for relaxation, with natural and high-quality materials.

This pillow works as a heating pad (but not only), and contains cherry pits: unlike water, they don’t warm up too much, so you don’t burn yourself. The external part is made with cotton. You can open it with a zipper and remove it to wash it.
The benefits of this pillow are many: it relaxes your muscles, relieves menstrual cramps, helps with stomach ache and back pain.

This is how you use it: to warm it up, just put it in the microwave (2 minutes, 600W) or in the oven (20 minutes, 100-120° C). If you want to cool it (yes, you can use it this way as well) then put it in the freezer for 30-40 minutes. No matter if hot or cold, you can always place it directly on your skin.

Size: 20x30cm
Weight: 900g

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Helps with different kinds of pain
Versatile and multipurpose

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